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Until , the vast majority showed no artist credits on the labels or in the catalogs. This copyrighted publication is intended for personal, non-commercial use only. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution by any means, including but not limited to e-book or online database conversion, is prohibited. Please read, and be sure to observe, our terms of use as outlined in the file, so that we can continue to offer these free publications. Part 2 in the Vocalion Discography series — covering the vertical-cut and pre classical, operatic, and miscellaneous series — is in final fact-checking and editing for release this Spring. Part 3, covering the Brunswick-era issues, obviously is a much longer-range project. As with all titles in the Library, Mainspring Press holds the exclusive publication and distribution rights to this work in all forms, print or digital. Please be sure to read and adhere to all terms of use as detailed in the individual files. Mike LoScalzo?

Old 78 rpm Records – A view into music history since 1900

Life is a kick. We leave this world just as we came into it: helpless and unable to eat solid foods. For me it was about 50 or so. Just more aches and pains. My diagnosis at 57 with Lewy body dementia put the aging process in the fast lane. Now 60, I say all this to tell you about my new interest RPM records.

era of the 78s. See more ideas about Lp albums, 78 rpm records, Music history. Columbia Double-Disc Records vintage ad, “Music On Both Sides!” Columbia Blog Archive» FIRST VICTROLA SOLD ON THIS DATE IN The Victor.

By continuing to use the forum you conform your acceptance of these. If you are not happy to accept these you must stop using the forum and delete our cookies from your browser. Re: year old 78RPM record. I only started collecting 78 records a little over 3 years ago, after buying an old wind-up Columbia gramophone at a car boot sale. Naturally I wanted some more records to play on it. By chance I found a box of old 78s in an antique shop in Eton, Berkshire, just opposite Windsor Castle on the other side of the River Thames.

In the box I noticed one of those single-sided Zonophone records with the Zonophone logo embossed on the unrecorded side. I didn’t know if the Zonophone record was rare or valuable, therefore I didn’t actually buy it, but I remembered it because I’d never seen a single-sided record before.

78rpm by record label

By Steven C. Published and distributed by Yesterday Once Again, P. Box , Huntington Beach, CA The next pages comprise the heart of the book, containing dating charts and explanatory text for hundreds of labels issued in these three countries between and As it is, he at least gives us a prominent, detailed index which indicates where to look for all the pieces.

pp. Columbia inch Records – By AndrewsFrank. The American 45 and 78 rpm Record Dating Guide, – Compiled by.

Oxford Records was a record label active in the United States of America from roughly until No recording activity was undertaken by Sears. All discs were single-sided. In , Sears introduced the Oxford disc to replace the earlier Harvard brand. Oxford discs contain the same material as released by the producing company. For the most part the titles released were popular items that were deemed likely to sell over a long period of time.

A few sides from Columbia’s ethnic matrix series were also released. These were the studio ensembles of the recording company and musicians commonly used by all record companies of the time such as Vess Ossman and Arthur Collins. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Oxford Records Oxford label c. Denver, Colorado: Mainspring Press.

Columbia History: Turntable Speeds

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Beka made an expedition to the “Orient” in and found the “Columbia Graphophone. Co. In the s and s, the 78 RPM record industry in Malaya was small; relatively Also up to date portables and Table Grand Gramophones.

The Louis Armstrong Story, vol. The Bessie Smith Story, vol. Johnson – K. Teddy Wilson: Mr. Johnson, J. Johnson: J. Miles Davis at the Blackhawk, vol. Eugene Smith. Search this site. Also in the field of album cover design. In the company employed Alex Steinweiss as art director.

78RPM records with Columbia Red labels

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By Maribeth Keane — February 4th, Gary Herzenstiel talks about 78 rpm records , the major 78rpm manufacturers, their technology, and the history of the record industry in general. Based in Detroit, Michigan, Gary can be contacted through his site, 78rpmrecord. I have about 20, records in my collection at my house and another 7, at another house. I keep them in a room in the basement that has to be humidity controlled with very little humidity at all because mold will grow on the records.

I went to garage sales and got all the 78s that I could. It was pop music, and it was popular for a good reason. I love it. When you did find old material, it was just butchered.

Discographical sources for 78 RPM recordings

By Marty Weil — March 1st, Ted Staunton was born in England, but now lives an active retired lifestyle in Vancouver, Canada. Ted has an outstanding collection of 78 rpm record labels. We talked about his collection, how he got started, and what excites him about the hobby during this recent telephone interview. A : My interest in 78 rpm labels grew out of another hobby, that of singing in a barbershop quartet.

Of all the tasks to be carried out when transferring 78rpm discs, perhaps the most difficult (and Use of the system was signified on Columbia’s records and those of their Yet surely, if we know the date and place of a particular recording, the.

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Help – Search – Members – Calendar. Full Version: Dating old 78 rpm record. This is a picture of probably the oldest record in my collection, and I was wondering how old it was exactly. But also engraved in the wax is the following text: “patented nov 25, “. Also, according to the label, Columbia apparently won a Grand Prize in St.

Page 2- year old 78RPM record Vintage Audio (record players, hi-fi etc) recording on Columbia Records FB (speed 80 rpm) and has no Most 78s are older than that, and rarely have a date of publication on them.

General Dating 78 RPM recordings: print online Catalogs by: company name: print online genre, medium of performance, etc. Discography of American historical recordings. Daniels, William R. The American 45 and 78 rpm record dating guide, Westport, Conn. HSR ML Gart, Galen. ARLD : the American record label directory and dating guide, Milford, N.

Speeds and pitching of 78rpm gramophone records

In this section you will find all the 78rpm original records released by the labels Billie was under contract, organized by label name. It covers the period — Originally called Philo Records, changed to its better-known name in April It was virtually devoted to black music.

For 50 years the 10 inch 78 RPM disc was the standard format for records in North out there, how to date them, and what types might be interesting or valuable. Victor, Columbia, Decca and some others, dominated the industry completely.

Please email if you have questions, corrections or comments on anything you see. Columbia is an important player in the history of recorded music, having been in the business of making phonographs and records since Because of patents held by both Columbia and Victor during the first few decades of the 20th century, they held a virtual duopoly over recorded music. My goal here isn’t to give you the full history of Columbia.

I defer you to other published works. Nor is this website a complete listing of labels produced by Columbia. These are only the labels in my own collection. To start, the first label is the Climax label. The next two are “Grand Prize” labels. The first shows the last award as St. Louis and the second one adds the Milan award.

Oxford Records

Started by billshetler over 5 years ago , 4 replies. Log In You must be logged in to post. Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Save Thread Notify Me of Replies. Add New Thread. Show this post I’ve been unable to find a source for dating the red labels used by Columbia for 78RPM records starting in the s.

78 RPM records: EQ, getting rid of crackles and surface noise. of recorded sound was made in with the introduction of the plastic, long-playing (LP) record by Columbia Records. Manufacturing Date, Conical stylus, Elliptical stylus.

To return to front page, click here. See E78PB. Remaining stocks of the latter were jobbed off and exported to Australia, where Camden labels were affixed. So some Camdens will be electrically recorded, and some by the old mechanical system. It is the latter that qualifies them to appear on this page. There was also a light blue label of the same design with dark blue printing.

Playing 78rpm records using modern turntable and cartrodge