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Her unique message describes the role authentic connection has in making nutrition communication meaningful. Capable of cultivating excitement and critical thinking through making science accessible and easy to digest. She teaches that, when nutrition changes are rooted in our values, this change feels empowering instead of fear-based. I had the opportunity to meet Andrea Hardy and listen to her brilliant speech during an International symposium in Rome, I appreciate her in-depth knowledge of the interaction between diet and microbiota. She has oriented her studies on the relation between gut health and diet, being one of the first dietitians who understood the key role of the microbiota as a target for personalized diet prescription. She is an internationally recognized expert in those fields due to her knowledge and impressive communication skills, which are essential even during one-on-one nutritional counselling. I strongly recommend Andrea as a serious reference point in nutrition and dietetics especially, but not only, for gut health. Doctor of Clinical Nutrition. Andrea spoke to a capacity crowd on the ins and outs of living with IBS. She seamlessly broke down complicated digestive health terms and communicated them to the public in easy to understand ways.

Dating with Andrea Burke and Lore Ferguson Wilbert

Hunger leads us to eat. Flavour and its perception leads us to choose what to eat. Software giants and startup hopefuls are looking for engineering graduates who speak the language of quantum mechanics. UNSW will now allow students to specialise earlier in their studies.

The Brown Girl’s Guide to Politics Podcast is all about amplifying the voices Host A’shanti Gholar speaks to Andrea Mercado, Executive Director of You can keep up to date with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too.

Teddy Blanks. Why Oh Why is a podcast about dating and relationships. In each episode, host Andrea Silenzi speaks with friends, experts, and guys in bars about where love and sex meets technology. The show tells the stories about relationships by blurring the lines between memoir, documentary, and fiction. Her show interrogates romance and human relationships in the digital age, but it does so in a manner that defies shape and form.

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Good Enough

What happens when your partner wants to flee this planet, and you want to stay? Is wanting to go to Mars basically saying you want to break up? Can you have a long, long, long distance relationship? Is a five-year date a terrible idea? To answer this interplanetary conundrum, Rose calls up Andrea Silenzi , host and creator of the dating podcast Why Oh Why.

It had happened to me after a second or third date, which stung. than just a date,” says Andrea Bonior, a clinical psychologist in Washington. The dating app Hinge has a podcast, “Ghost Stories,” with a similar premise.

What new tools offer potential solutions? Published every four years, the Coffee Barometer highlights emerging trends and provides a critical look at progress made by the coffee sector on sustainability. Listen and learn as Andrea Olivar, International Programme Manager at Solidaridad, shares some of the highlights of the report. This talk from Re:co Boston is supported by Toddy. For over 50 years, Toddy brand cold brew systems have delighted baristas, food critics, and regular folks alike.

By extracting all the natural and delicious flavors of coffee and tea, Toddy Cold Brew Systems turn your favorite coffee beans and tea leaves into fresh cold brew concentrates, that are ready to serve and enjoy. Also, many sustainability standards are either dropped or frozen as companies merge. Check out the show notes for links to our YouTube channel where you can find videos of these talks.

This episode of the Re:co Podcast is supported by Toddy. By extracting all the natural and delicious flavors of coffee and tea, Toddy Cold Brew Systems turn your favorite coffee beans and tea leaves into fresh cold brew concentrates that are ready to serve and enjoy. Learn more about Toddy at toddycafe. Toddy: Cold-brewed, simply better.

Now published every four years, the Coffee Barometer, which is a publication, highlights the emerging trends and provides a critical look at the progress made by the coffee sector on sustainability.

NFL Podcast: Andrea Kremer on Laurent Duvernay-Tardif’s heroic frontline battle against COVID-19

Before I became a parent, I was a podcast addict. I listened to them at every possible moment: on the train to and from work, at work, on my lunch break, while I was taking a shower, walking the dog , when I had insomnia — heck, I was even listening to a podcast when I was trying to give birth. Then came my baby, and now listening to podcasts much like anything else that I like doing for myself is a real challenge , like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole on one of his many baby toys.

You can literally start with any episode of the show — they are all brilliant. I also love this episode in which Frank interviews Terry Gross about why she never had kids. Nowadays, the podcast is hosted by an awesome Jewish lady, Andrea Silenzi who hosted the poignant dating podcast, Why Oh Why!

Andrea Collier finds out what happens when her life goes off-script. Damon Young questions his sense of self based on the power of a racial slur. Huwe Burton.

Do you associate an ex with a certain podcast that you once loved to listen to? Have you ever intentionally incorporated a podcast listening jam into a date? Shoot Muira an email or audio message! Image by Liana Finck. Guess what our next episode’s about? The dating podcast Why Oh Why is a magical hodgepodge of fact and fiction, of interviews and of introspection, of dudes in bars and dudes in radio studios , of pre- and post-inaugural dating advice.

I’ll admit that in the aftermath of my own breakup, I couldn’t listen to it. It reminded me of all the feelings I was trying to not feel, all the thoughts I was trying not to think, all the questions I was trying not to ask. Do I hate men? Can meddling help a date? Where should I go for dating advice? What about strangers? Is it okay to want to be alone, to cuddle with podcasts instead of people? It turns out Andrea Silenzi, the show’s witty and wondrous host, was way ahead of me—channeling her own pain into her love of storytelling.

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As mothers are increasingly rejecting corporate sales messages in favour of an attraction strategy, it has never been more important for brands and business to create engaging, valuable content. In this episode Andrea Scalzo Yi, founder of Raising Dragons, shares how she successfully built a community of more than 1,, parents organically by creating simple STEAM activities which parents could do at home with their young children.

Andrea shares her insights and tips to help brands connect and engage with mothers by using the right content formats and channels. Keep up to date with the latest trends, insights and case studies to help you grow your sales and profit. Andrea Scalzo Yi is the founder and creative force behind Raising Dragons, a company with a mission to inspire parents and educators with simple ways to play and educate kids. A wife and mother of four energetic sons, her background in both engineering and fashion gave her a passion for STEAM activities and led her to create Raising Dragons www.

Influencers aplenty, memes a dime a dozen, self-help books lining the shelves of bookstores, and YouTube tutorials for every tip under the sun and it’s still never.

How are you going kicking your brain into gear in isolation? Is anyone else feeling a bit sluggish, unproductive and slow? We hear you! On this episode of Wellness Women Radio we want to talk you through some brain hacks! COVID has completely changed the world in such a short period of time and it has affected us all in different ways. We think so too. Did you know that chocolate is one of the richest sources of iron? It also contains magnesium, copper, manganese, calcium, flavonoids….

Social isolating or social distancing should not equal emotional distancing!

Digital Health Unplugged: Coronavirus special

Today we have our youngest guest yet! Cammie Scott is here to help us reveal your lesbian secrets. While Cam might be Uneducated about most things, she certainly knows a lesbian when she sees one.

But what if you tried being on time with no flowers?.

Podcast: Play in new window Download. Do you find Katie just a titch too understanding and forgiving of people? Do you think Kimberly is maybe not quite angry and irritated enough at the world at large? Then this is the episode for you! Keith Morrison reports. What better way to treat yourself than with some solid therapy and some actual gold! Thank you as always to our Patroni!

Date and Debate Podcast

Minder, fort benning is single mom is another seo tactic. This week on freakonomics radio. With invasion of backlinks, which includes credits for a rogue economist explores the music you’ll. Promoting a date today.

Three time Survivor contestant, co-host of People Now and podcast host Andrea Boehlke (@andreaboehlke) opens up about living and dating.

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Deep Night Season 10: Andrea Silenzi

There’s a lot of false info in there, but I’ll be the mature person about the situation and let it die out. Andre also posted a Vine video moments ago that seems to be a response to the story in which he says, “Sometimes you gotta live and learn by the mistakes you make. You gotta move on and keep pushing.

Second Date: Andrea and Dennis (Kickball Date). There’s ONE TERRIFYING Find out what happened in the PODCAST. Part 1: Advertisement. Second Date.

To help stakeholders stay up to date and engage with the work of the International Accounting Standards Board and the IFRS Interpretations Committee, the IFRS Foundation produces podcasts where we summarise and discuss the latest developments, meetings and project developments. If you follow this page you will need to be a registered user of the website to do so, and this is free then you will be alerted whenever we create a new podcast.

The podcasts summarise the Board’s discussions and some of the key decisions taken, and provide a bit of context: why is the Board working on this project, what was the focus of the latest Board discussion, and what are the next steps? They also give an update on other key events. These podcasts report on discussions at meetings of the Interpretations Committee and provide an overview of other relevant activities in the period. They feature Sue Lloyd, vice-chair of the Board and chair of the Interpretations Committee, in discussion with a technical staff member.

The IFRS Foundation produces podcasts on an ad hoc basis that focus on developments in particular projects for which there is high stakeholder interest. This website uses cookies. You can view which cookies are used by viewing the details in our privacy policy. Sign in.

Podcast Episode 32 with Andrea Scalzo Yi – Creating Winning Content

Our new podcast, CTU Speaks! Click on your favorite podcasting app and subscribe today. Want to be part of the conversation? Send us your thoughts about remote learning to the CTU Speaks! Ravitch outlines how education is an integral part of our democracy and how charter schools and other privatizers destroy communities by choking off their central place to organize and fight for their local issues. This is particularly true in impoverished and marginalized Black and Latinx neighborhoods.

In this podcast, Matthew and Tasha talk with Andrea LaRochelle on how to Talk to your children and explain that you are dating someone whom you care.

Have any burning questions about dating? If so, this episode of Dope Ass Podcast is for you. Bela breaks dating down and makes the case for why you need to work on yourself and be fully ready before the right person can come into your life. She talked to Andrea about some of the top questions she sees around dating. She has an uncanny sixth sense about people, and what they need. Her intuition has been responsible for several marriages and children!

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