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  • How to copy Steam games to a USB flash drive.

    1. Copy archive to USB flash drive
    2. Creating a boot image
    3. Method One: Archive
    4. Method two: boot image

    If you have a weak Internet and it takes a lot of time to download games on Steam, then you can copy the game from a friend (or just from another computer) to removable media, and then install it on your computer. How to do it?

    Consider an example on the game Dota 2

    First you need to copy the game:

    1. Click on Steam and select "Backup and Restore Games."

    2. In the window that appears, choose to create "Backup copies of programs" and click next.

    3. Choose your game , in my case it is Dota 2, and click next.

    4. Choose the path where our game will be saved. You can immediately on a USB flash drive or disk. Click next.

    5. Select the size of the compression, but it is better to leave the default. Click next

    Click next

    6. We are waiting for the copying to finish .

    We are waiting for the copying to finish

    7. After completion, press the button. The game is copied.

    The game is copied

    Now we need to download the game to our computer:

    1. Click Steam and select backup and restore games.

    2. In the window that appears, select restore from backup and click next.

    In the window that appears, select restore from backup and click next

    3. Choose the path to the folder where we recorded backup copy games and click next.

    Choose the path to the folder where we recorded   backup copy   games and click next

    4. We are waiting for the cache check to finish.

    We are waiting for the cache check to finish

    5. After successful copying, press the close button.

    Recently, it has become incredibly popular due to its convenience. Now you can store data in any form on a flash drive, and it is always at hand. At the same time to transfer the necessary files to it is quite simple. The only question that often pops up with the owners of such a gadget, how to download a game from a computer to a USB flash drive? The fact is that such programs often represent a hierarchy, where each element depends on each other. If it is wrong to transfer them, there is a high probability that it will not be launched in the future.

    When copying to usb-drive, you must follow the procedure in order to keep the application working.

    That is why many do not know how to throw off the game from a computer to a USB flash drive, so as not to harm the project. There are several options, but first you need to prepare the correct portable drive. The memory capacity of such a device should be large enough. The downloaded image of modern games often takes up more than 30 GB of free hard disk space. Accordingly, if you have less, the project simply will not be recorded.

    Also do not forget about checking media and files. It often happens that they are infected with viruses that will definitely ruin your pastime, as well as all other elements besides those recorded. It is better not to download games and use licensed products.

    Copy archive to USB flash drive

    If the user is convinced that there is enough free space and the contents are virus free, he begins to think about how to transfer the game from the computer to the USB flash drive. Banal dragging shortcuts gives its results, but if you have USB 2.0 and a rather weak PC, you can throw off a few hours in a row. How to write a game on a flash drive in another way?

    The most convenient option is archiving. Collect all the files together and start to copy to the media in this form. To do this, you need to insert the USB flash drive into your computer, then pack the game in one file, then press CTRL + C on the computer, and after moving to the device window, press CTRL + V. It will only wait until the recording of the archive copy is completed.

    It will only wait until the recording of the archive copy is completed

    Creating a boot image

    How to copy the game from the computer to the USB flash drive, if the previous version does not help or the user is looking for alternative solutions? A more effective option is to create a boot image. This is a virtual copy of the game disc, which can be run on any PC, with the appropriate software. The main advantage of this method is the lack of need to unpack the archive and transfer it to a PC. A flash drive is inserted and run the copied version with a special application, after which you can immediately start the installation.

    The most common software to create a bootable copy is Alcohol 120% and Deamon Tools. There are other options, but they are more difficult for beginners in this business. After starting the program you will need to select the ISO format. This is necessary to create a copy of the media. After this, you will need to start the program and wait until the procedure is completed.

    After the program is completed, the user will receive an image of his favorite game, which he can install in a couple of clicks. Now you know how to throw the game on a flash drive, and without any problems. The described methods are the most simple, fast and effective. In addition, they are also safe for portable memory and user computer. If you have previously failed to download such programs to a USB flash drive, then try one of the described methods!

    It is very difficult for a modern PC user to live without a removable storage medium, which can act as external hard drives , and more convenient and stylish flash cards. For players, such devices become a means of prime necessity, because going out of town or to friends, it is urgent to throw a novelty of the gaming industry as a souvenir and boast to friends. However, how to record the game on a flash drive?

    Before proceeding to the step by step guide, you should pay attention to the device itself. First, it should have enough free space to fit your favorite game. Latest news requires at least 30GB of memory on the hard disk or removable media, so please note this before recording. Secondly, make sure that the archive with the game, like the device, is not infected with viruses. Regardless of computer power or build quality, the malware will happily destroy all your plans for a fun weekend or a few hours of hardcore gameplay.

    Method One: Archive

    The most elementary way that users knew about an old but good Window XP is to copy the archive or game files directly to a removable device. Of course, the download time of a large amount of information requires a lot of time, provided the old USB 2.0 connector, but the most effective.

    How to transfer the archive to a USB flash drive?

    1. Insert the drive into the slot of the personal computer;
    2. Copy the archive with the game by pressing CTRL + C;
    3. After opening the device memory, copy the files with the CTRL + V key combination;
    4. Wait until copying is complete.

    The only significant drawback of this process is the need to copy the game file to Personal Computer for subsequent unarchiving. Only after completing these items can you install the application on a new machine.

    Method two: boot image

    The boot image is a virtual copy of the licensed media, because when connected external storage the system automatically prompts the user to install the game on a personal computer. Unlike the above method, you do not need to re-download the archive from a flash drive, as well as to unzip it.

    Of course, such a process of copying games to a USB flash drive is somewhat more complicated, but it is several times more efficient. How to do it?

    1. Download and run the image creation utility. It can be both standard and familiar Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120% programs, and more specialized as Windows 7 RTM USB / DVD Download Tool. Despite its name, the program allows you to create bootable USB flash drive in a couple of clicks, without forcing the user to get acquainted with flexible software settings;
    2. Select an ISO format archive to create boot image on a flash drive;
    3. Run the program and wait for the process to complete.

    After a few tedious minutes, you will have at your disposal the perfect bootable USB flash drive, with which you can easily install absolutely any computer game.